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Wild Red Sox Fan Girl Turns Yankee Stadium Into Epic Catfight [VIDEO]


We’re not sure if we should admire or condemn these brave (or crazy) gals at Yankee Stadium on Friday night. They were brave (or crazy) enough to show up in the stands while sporting Red Sox gear–and on a night when the Yankees were playing the Detroit Tigers! Not too surprisingly, the ladies were soon the target of some good-natured hazing from the local Yankee fans. Then the brave (or crazy) Red Sox babes decided they’d had enough and went to take on the entire Yankees contingent in section 328. As it turns out, there was a femme Yankees fan in the crowd who was ready to do some kung-fu fighting. You can see the resulting expert timing in the two clips below. That’s two clips, since it turns out that a kick in the face or even a concussion isn’t enough to slow down certain brave (or, seriously, maybe crazy) Red Sox fans.

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