Kate Upton and Jason Pierre-Paul Answer COED Reader Questions [27 PHOTOS]

This week, COED was invited by Axe Sport Blast to talk to two world champions: Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated cover model) and Jason Pierre-Paul (2012 Super Bowl Champ). We promised to ask our reader’s best/somewhat appropriate questions and we did–despite some technical difficulties. Before we sat down to chat, Kate and JPP competed in some combine-related activities. Perhaps JPP was under strict orders from the always-classy Giants, but to everyone’s surprise, he lost! He did show Kate a little sumpin-sumpin on the catwalk, though. Check out our photos of the event at the bottom, but we know that you’re really just curious to see how they answered your questions. Drumroll, please! [lead image via Zimbio]


COED: John B. wants to know what music you listen to, like what’s playing on your iPad or iPod? Kate: It depends on my mood. If I’m staying calm it’s going to be country and if I’m going to work out it’s probably going to be rap.

What’s like a specific artist you’re listening to and can’t get enough of? I like Nicki Minaj.

Adam Birch wants to know if you have a boyfriend? Adam! I don’t.

He also wants to know if you have a celebrity crush? A celebrity crush? I have no idea.

Do you have a favorite television show? Modern Family!

George Trotter wants to know, and I guess this is kind of obvious, but maybe we can choose something other than landing the cover of Sports Illustrated, what is the highlight of your career? I mean, it has to be the cover.

Yeah, but do you have another thing you did that maybe not a lot of people know about that stuck out and thirty years from now you’ll be thinking, wow that was really amazing? Well can anything top the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Rudy Contreras wants to know if you’re a Michigan fan or a Florida Gators fan? Michigan fan 100%!

You were born there? Yes, I was born in Michigan and my family lives in Michigan now and my dad is a die-hard. He would never allow us to be Gators fans.

Jason Terrell asked did you keep the nun bikini [from The Three Stooges]? I didn’t, I had my moment with it…

Auction that off for charity! (laughs)

Alright we have two more, George Martin wants to know what are you career goals? My career goals? Getting all personal! He’s just going to have to wait and see.

Last question, Ashley Salazar, who is our Miss COED of the Year, wants to know who is your female celebrity crush and if you could spend a day with her, what would you do? Maybe, Rihanna. I feel like she would do something crazy. I’d be a little scared and end up cutting the day in half.

She’d probably be like, “Let’s go get tattoos in a basement parlor!” I’d be like, “Oh, I’ll videotape it!”

Jason Pierre-Paul Interview

COED: What are your thoughts on the upcoming draft and who you would pick with the first pick? There’s the big debate between RG3 and Luck, and who would be a better fit for which team, but if you had to pick one of these quarterbacks to fit with the Giants system right now, which QB would you take? JPP: Andrew Luck, because the Giants don’t really run. If you look at Eli, he’s not a scrambling QB. He likes to stay in the pocket and he gets the job done, so I’d say Andrew Luck. Different teams have different schemes, so that’s who I would pick for the Giants.

Do you think RG3 will be a good fit with the Redskins? I don’t know, the Redskins scheme they run is different. We game plan against them and play them twice a year, but through it all, if they pick him, he’s gotta show up and do his job.

How is the new Axe going to fit into your daily routine? I take a lot of showers, about 6 showers a day, so basically, it’s a 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo. I don’t have to keep using different products. If you around the locker room, there’s a lot of guys using different products on different days, but the Sport Blast shower gel, all of us have…and it smells good too.

Yeah, I think that’s a good fit into your routine because you need that after workout clean up to get rid of that equipment smell. Right, right.

What are your thoughts on Kate Upton? Kate Upton? Ummm…

Was she a good competitor? [laughs] She was, she beat me the first time. I think she’s a good competitor, you know what I’m saying, but she’s a very hot supermodel too.

She’s literally like the hottest woman on earth, if you believe what Sports Illustrated has to say putting that billboard up in Times Square. How are you going to change your game to actually beat a girl in the second round, what are you going to do different? Well, I scoped her out and I saw her moves just like I would do on the field.

She just told me you won the modeling part. She said she couldn’t keep up with you and that you should’ve won the modeling…just a little inside information. Well, if she says that, I appreciate it! I’m just gonna see what’s in store for her next and just give her my best this round.

I gotta ask, are you looking forward to having the rookies in and having them do some stuff for you? This is my third year, huh? Me, personally, I don’t really mess with rookies. I could get them to carry my shoulder pads…but that rookie thing, no, I had to go through it. I’m not the type of dude to say, “Hey, I went through it, so now you take my stuff.” I’m not that type of dude. I take my own stuff. I know, I feel their pain, we gotta wear suits, and if the rookies don’t do it, we cut their sleeves, and right when we get on the plane, their sleeve is missing and they get fined for that! So I understand where they’re coming from hating that, because I wouldn’t want anybody cutting my sleeves.

What can we expect this upcoming season from the Giants? Can you give us something maybe other people don’t know? We did win the Super Bowl, everybody knows that. We did it, and everybody wasn’t 100% too, and our defense was still on fire. We didn’t really have everybody there, we didn’t have Terrell Thomas, Bruce Johnson was gone, Jonathan Goff was gone, we had a lot of players out. We still managed to win a Super Bowl without being at full-strength. So basically from a defensive standpoint, I think you’re going to see an even better defense this year, and depending on who we draft. I’m pretty sure we are going to be drafting the top guys that will help us win. They don’t have to be first round, or second or third. Whatever guys we draft are going to help us win and get back to the Super Bowl.

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