Goodbye Laptop: Hello Brydge – The iPad Keyboard Attachment

I went to this year’s Macworld in San Francisco.(The huge annual Mac expo – which Apple pulled out of years ago.) One thing was apparent: laptops are on the way out. The cross-hairs of the expo were firmly targeted on accessories for the iPad and the iPhone. (It was as if the MacBook didn’t even exist.) The advent of the touchscreen has lapped the functionality of our normal, traditional laptop. Up until this point, the only thing iPads haven’t gotten right is their keyboard capacity.

Tech Darwinsim has just reared its ugly head. (Actually not ugly – its very cool). Much like that evolutionary step between Homo erectus and Neanderthalthe Brydge has linked that gap between MacBook and iPad. Just launched this week, the simplest way to explain the Brydge – it’s like a plug-and-play aluminium keyboard that docks with a magnetized laptop hinge to your iPad, and has built in stereo speakers. Yes please! This is the first nail in the laptop coffin. Yes, the laptop will soon go the way of 8-track tapes and CDs (compact discs).

Brydge is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based designer Brad Leong, Sam, & Eddy. Raising funds for the project on Kickstarter – they already hit their $90,000 funding goal; just a day after it was announced. To pre-order one, you must make a Kickstart pledge of $170 for a no-speakers model, or $210 for a model with speakers.

The announcement of the Brydge comes days after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook state that the MacBook and iPad would be like combining a toaster and a fridge: “Those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.”

Ha-ha, Apple CEO Tim Cook. Looks like you’re left with egg-gigabyte all over your face! (Insert laughter here.) Check out the Brydge in all its glory – and you decide.

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Thank You,! (It’s Cheating for School and Work!)
Thank You,! (It’s Cheating for School and Work!)
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