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A Hawk Ate Shanna Moakler’s Dog–We’re Here to Help


As if life isn’t hard enough being a former Miss USA and Playboy model, now Shanna Moakler has to live with knowing that she couldn’t protect her pet chihuahua from an evil hawk. The humble blonde recently posted on her Twitter account that she blames the predatory birds for the recent disappearance of her dog. Don’t blame Shanna for choosing a pet that resembles a tasty rodent from an aerial view. Blame cruel Mother Nature, who’s probably jealous that her sunsets aren’t nearly as spectacular as Shanna’s ample attributes.

image credit: poptower

“Feel like hunting hawks today,” Shanna twittered, and we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help. Just tell us where you live, Shanna, and we’ll be right over all loaded and ready to shoot. We’ve gotten over that little problem with the hair-trigger, if you know what we mean. Also, Shanna, we’re going to really need your home address this time. Enough with this P.O. box thing. And don’t look at this hawk attacking this chihuahua. We’re including it for our readers, but we also have some pics of you to make them feel better afterwards:

  • COED Writer