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Torrey DeVitto [See Her Tonight on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES]


Torrey DeVitto guests (again) on The Vampire Diaries

8 pm EST, The CW

O, to be a vampire being hunted by Torrey DeVitto. This stunning brunette grew up as the daughter of Billy Joel’s drummer, which makes her Long Island royalty. Torrey would end up playing violin before eventually moving on to become a teen model. That quickly lead to television work, and Torrey fit right in when she joined the cast of ABC Family’s Beautiful People. Then she got even more grown-up during a season as a regular on One Tree Hill.       [Image credit:]

Now Torrey is busy spicing up the scandalous storyline in Pretty Little Liars–but she still finds time to vamp in a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries. Her determined doctor really needs to become a regular on the show. Torrey’s real-life husband is the guy who plays Stefan, and her Pretty Little Liars character is overdue to get killed off. Torrey is also staying busy with indie films and the occasional gig as a violinist–including some session work on last year’s Stevie Nicks album. (Keep track of her busy life on Twitter.) It’s going to be fun when we see her father this weekend. We’re going to make him sign an autograph as “Torrey’s dad.”

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