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The 2012 NFL Draft Order Represented By Sexy Superfans [32 PHOTOS]


On the night of April 26th, every serious fan of the NFL will be watching ESPN with hopes that their respective teams make some smart draft decisions. Personally, we’re not big fans of the draft — it takes too long. Yeah, there are some great drinking games you can play but the suspense is too much. What really interests us is the amount of pressure that the GMs face. Even if they make a good call, it seems like any decision a GM makes is met with loud and obnoxious boos. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but here at COED we think that we’ve got a pretty solid eye for talent scouting. We decided to pull together our #1 sexiest fans for each team in the NFL, in order of where their favorite team is in the draft. We know you’ll like our decisions.

  • COED Writer