32 Reasons To Celebrate Jordana Brewster’s 32nd Birthday


Born April 26th, 1980, Jordana was initially blessed with model genes thanks to mother Maria João (née Leal de Sousa), a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model from Brazil. Over the range of a decade, there has also been consensus from men’s magazines worldwide that Jordana is stunning. In 2002, Stuff Magazine classified her as the 96th hottest woman in their “102 Sexiest Women in the World”. In 2005, Maxim magazine ranked her the 54th sexiest woman on the entire planet in their yearly Hot 100 countdown. In 2006, Maxim sent her down five notches at No.59 on their Hot 100. Brewster reached her climax at 8th on AfterEllen.com’s “100 Hottest Women” list in 2007, and placed 22nd in 2008. Most recently, last year, Maxim Magazine ran Brewster at spot 11 in Maxim’s Hot 100. In 2009, she accelerated to No.9 on Maxim’s Hot 100, which scored her a spread in their May edition…

…dolled up in black lingerie on behalf of Fast and The Furious, arguably her most famous role. All cheesiness aside, Jordana launched her career in daytime drama, appearing as a one-hit teen soap star wonder in All My Children and then as a recurring character as Nikki Munson in As the World Turns. Then, her name significantly progressed to money-making films like 1998’s The Faculty ($40 million+ domestically) and early 2000s’ decade-long film franchise Fast & Furious ($353 million + internationally btwn 2008-2009). Needless to say, Brewster attained global exposure and credit from that most successful enterprise.

If cars aren’t your style, then perhaps you recognize Jordana from the 2006 horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning or the NBC television series Chuck, where she plays recurring character Jill Roberts. In 2004, she portrayed one of the main leads in the action comedy D.E.B.S., as Lucy Diamond, a lesbian criminal pursued by Sara Foster’s character (just in case you wanted to retrieve visuals).

You can catch her as Elena Ramos on the upcoming 2012 TV series Dallas and the sixth edition of Fast & Furious in 2013.

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