Don’t Point That Homemade Star Trek Phaser At My Testicles!

How cool (or uncool) is this: Some guy created a homemade Star Trek phaser. Depending on which side of the galaxy you’re on; either this is the most awesome thing ever – or boy, this dude really needs to get a life.

Ah, the things you can do when you live in your mom’s basement; close to being an actual implement-of-harm, this Trekkie fan constructed his weapon-of-mass-destruction by combining a toy Star Trek phaser casing with a laser module from, what appears to be, a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray drive. The result is pretty impressive; the home constructed phaser emits a great sci-fi sound and can actually burst a balloon in his garage. (Please don’t point that phaser at my testicles, okay.)

One fear: I hope this anonymous man is using his homemade phaser for the benefit of good – and not for the destruction of mankind.(Fingers crossed.)

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