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Expendables 2 Assemble! Here’s the Dirty Dozen Posters!


It’s an action-packed summer with the incoming The Expendables 2, and the studio just released a poster campaign featuring a dirty dozen characters from the movie. Stallone! Statham! Li! Crews! [we still can’t believe they didn’t cast him as Mr. T for that A-Team remake] Schwarzenegger! [so his role is probably bigger than in the first one] Willis! [yeah, his role’s probably bigger, too] Norris! [looking kind of subdued, if you ask us] Van Damme! [looking cooler than everyone else, strangely enough] Lundgren! [we thought he died in the first one] Couture! [he kind of became known with the first The Expendables, but his name should sound tougher, but don’t tell him we said that] Hemsworth! [not Chris, who’s the God of Thunder, but his brother Liam, and don’t make fun of him, because he counts as a star after The Hunger Games, but, wow, he doesn’t look very tough] Nan! [that’s Yu Nan, who you might remember from a small role in Speed Racer, but this is her big breakthrough, and she sure looks tougher than Hemsworth] And we’re COED! [who went to all the other sites where these posters debuted and put them all together for you, and, man, was it dangerous, especially when the movie blog at MTV almost kicked our ass]

COED Writer