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Now We’re All Hungry Again for Jennifer Lawrence [VIDEO]


The new movie poster is out for House at the End of the Street, and we’re already set to give this film the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. The entire pitch to the studio should’ve been, “We’ve got Jennifer Lawrence running around in a skimpy t-shirt for about 90 minutes. The film’s called Jennifer Lawrence Running Around In A Skimpy T-Shirt For About 90 Minutes.” Actually, we’d already thought of that gag before we saw the new poster for the movie. Now we’re thinking even more about it. Seriously, check this out:

This movie is going to be like if Sigourney Weaver had started out in Alien by stripping down to her underwear. They should just call this movie Hunger Games 2. And as it turns out, there’s a trailer with a plot and everything. It turns out to be a horror film. That is, for Jennifer Lawrence’s character. For us, it seems more like the story of a poor guy who just wants to talk to Jennifer Lawrence. What’s with all the complaining and running and calling the cops all the time? And screaming. Always with the screaming, Jennifer.

  • COED Writer