Google Just Revolutionized the Adult Industry


Have you Googled yet today? If not, try to think of something you have to look up. Google has put together a fine stunt to celebrate the birthday of Gideon Sundback–who all men are indebted to as (kind of) the creator of the zipper. The main Google page is itself a big zipper that pulls down and opens to reveal a page full of Sundback internet searches. Meanwhile, the offices of porn businesses are echoing with cries of, “We can do that?” Well, the answer is “Maybe.” Google’s zipper effect isn’t working in some versions of Firefox, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is kind of iffy, too.

Still, expect a future where internet babes are suddenly sporting plenty of zippers that come undone with the click of a mouse. You’ll probably be providing your own zipper sound effects, too. And all this reminds us that–in another technological innovation–today marks the release of the Blu-Ray of 1968’s Girl on a Motorcyle, featuring Marianne Faithfull in a leather catsuit sealed by a long zipper. “Peel me,” she says to her lover, and he replies, “Can I wait until 2012 when I can do it on the internet?” Seriously, it’s in the trailer:

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