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Did Haley Joel Osment’s Head Grow – But His Face Stayed the Same Size?


I came across the above photograph via Reddit. It got me thinking about Haley Joel Osment – the creepy kid from the movie, The Sixth Sense. Is something supernatural going on here that’s even scarier than seeing dead people?

“Haley Joel Osment looks kind of like his head grew up but his face didn’t.”

This is Haley Joel Osment as a child actor:

This is modern day Haley Joel Osment:

It’s almost like the face-creating factory said, “Okay, we’re done here,” while those in the head-growing department said, “Okay, we’ll take over from here!”

People, we should be concerned about Haley Joel Osment. His head is growing a ratio of 10 times greater than his face. If this alarming growth spurt keeps up, this is what Haley Joel Osment could look like by this time next year:

  • COED Writer