Tech Salad Sandwich: HP Pavilion dv6 Delivers

It only costs $549. Do you hear me? Let me say that again: $549. If you’re a strapped college student and can’t afford an ENVY or MacBook – here is a good solid option: HP Pavilion dv6. This unit – with a 15.6-inch LCD panel – is not the sexiest of laptops; but for the price it really comes through with the goods.

Though the Pavilion dv6 is a bit clunky and heavy, it comes equipped with  some cool features. The addition of Beats Audio is the one of the best moves HP has made. Though it would be nice if the dv6 was outfitted with Wireless Audio (which connects you directly to wireless speakers without having to use a dongle), Beats Audio comes through with head-turning sound; some of the best beats delivered by any notebook – with lower lows and deeper bass notes.

Compared to previous HP models, the Pavilion’s trackpad has also been improved upon. HP must have listened to Mac enthusiasts to make their updated trackpad user-friendlier. (I’ve always hated those right click/left click mouse functions that involve 2-3 fingers to operate.)

What I like best about this laptop is the CoolSense technology feature. I normally use a MacBook Pro. After a few hours of working – my lap starts burning up. (It has nothing to do with the type of sites I look at.) CoolSense is HP’s technology that automatically adjusts the laptop’s temperature. The ENVY has this comfort feature – and so does the Pavilion dv6. The motion sensors can detect when the apparatus is resting on your lap so it cools down – and your legs don’t feel like they’re on fire. (We can all see the need for this. Working with a hot lap is no way to go through life.)

Tech Salad Sandwich Bottom Line: If you’re low on funds – there’s no need to sacrifice performance. Great laptop for the price.

The Pavilion dv6 Skinny:
-Beats Audio for optimal sound experience when playing audio through headphones, external speakers or the newly optimized on-board quad speakers

-HP CoolSense Technology combines advanced hardware and intelligent cooling software for a noticeably cooler notebook

-15.6-inch HD BrightView display and up to 1TB of storage

-Latest generation Intel processors, 6 GB RAM and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Price: $549

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