Mircea Monroe [See Her Tonight on HART OF DIXIE]

Mircea Monroe heats up Hart of Dixie

9 pm EST, The CW

We didn’t expect to see Mircea Monroe guesting again on Hart of Dixie. We thought she’d outgrown The CW’s Southern-fried drama after her busy 2011. The comedic cutie started out as an unusually hot blonde gracing sitcoms and indie films. Then people noticed Mircea is unusually talented, too. She was Conan O’Brien’s favorite sexbomb for sketches during his stint on The Tonight Show, which helped her land on the Showtime Channel’s showbiz spoof Episodes as a hot actress miscast as a dour lesbian librarian. Nobody goofs on glamor like Mircea, either. We don’t know if it was her idea to give her breasts their own Twitter account, but Mircea talks to them via her own official feed. And speaking of feeding, Mircea puts on an incredible show in a comedy sketch where she steams up the screen with parodies of Carl Jr.’s sexy hamburger ads. Our pals at Maxim provided a more traditional video from their Mircea photo shoot, and it’ll have you screaming for mercy–and setting your TiVo for more Mircea tonight:

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