Kent State “College Fest” Blockparty Transforms Into Teargassed Riot [35 PHOTOS]

This past weekend, the students at Kent State held an annual block party they call “College Fest.” While everyone was invited out to party, I don’t think that the revelers anticipated SWAT Members and tanks rolling down their streets. The two-day festivities got a little out of hand on Saturday, so police decided to intervene. Cue tear gas, riots, and 33 arrests. There were a few photojournalists on the scene, but a majority of the best photos taken were via Twitter.

In case your high-school teachers failed to impart American history to you properly, Kent State is notoriously famous for the shooting of numerous students during a Vietnam War protest. It’s nice to see that the police have since learned from their mistakes, despite being pelted with bricks and bottles by the students.

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