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Three Drunk Australians Steal Penguin From SeaWorld [VIDEO]


[What you’re about to watch is an early entry for Best News Video Of The Year] How was your weekend? Would you have considered it epic? Well, unless it involved blacking out in Australia, breaking into Seaworld, swimming with the dolphins, and then stealing a penguin named Dirk back to your hotel room, maybe you should reconsider exactly how often you use the world “epic.” These three men must have watched The Hangover a little too much.

Seriously, this guy’s face when he’s being interviewed is priceless. You can tell that he realizes he’s in serious trouble, so he’s trying very hard not to laugh. Give him a B+ for effort–I’m not sure anyone could really keep a straight face. The three men are facing charges of trespassing, theft, and unlawfully keeping an animal.

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