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Clemence Poesy gets classy in Birdsong

9 pm EST, PBS (!)

Your girlfriend already has you watching Downton Abbey. Now impress her by wanting to see the 2-part Birdsong drama that debuts tonight on PBS’ Masterpiece Classics. She might even speak to you again after she realizes you’re only tuning in for Clemence Poesy. This fine French femme started out as a child actress, but busted out internationally in 2010. She showed up in some episodes of Gossip Girl, stole a few scenes in 127 Hours, and bewitched boys and men as Fleur Delacour in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. We’d rather be watching Clemence in an all-American production–like, say, a remake of The Bikini Carwash Company–but it seems Clemence mostly cares about working in Europe nowadays. That’s okay. The geniuses in Hollywood are making a Where’s Waldo? movie. That’s some comfort.

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