Into the Mist With the Orb Vaporizer

We have so many friends who’ve switched to vaporizers that we’re not even thinking of it as smoking anymore. But if you’re not as health-conscious as your average stoner, then maybe you haven’t even thought about a vaporizer. The big idea is that marijuana might not be as healthy for you as your doctor says. Even the cleanest bud has smoke toxins. That’s pretty much an inherent part of the smoking thing. All you really want is to get that precious THC that gives you all the toking benefits and keeps Doritos in business. A vaporizer provides a pleasant mist to inhale instead of some evil fog that might kill you deader than those people on Lost. (That was a TV show. The ending sucked.)

The problem is that vaporizers get pretty complicated–or they did until the awesome Orb Vaporizer. This beauty replaces all the dangers of a portable vaporizer (hot! hot! hot!), and doesn’t look nearly as flat-out conspicuous as bulkier ones. It’s a damn stealthy machine that doubles as an oil heater to provide some fragrant room refreshing. You won’t be stuck having to explain what that big thing is sitting on your coffee table. The Orb is a decent size and looks pretty cool in any color–and also heats up faster than any vaporizer we’ve ever vapored with before. It’s some instant gratification at a reasonable price. That’s $239 when ordered through You’re getting a full kit, too. This might be the end of traditional smoking, but don’t feel bad. We’ll still get lots of deadly toxins from cooking over the barbeque stand.

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