Can’t Find The Vinyl LP You’ve Been Seeking All Your Life? There’s An App for That

Yay, it’s almost Record Store Day! Boo, there aren’t any record stores! Or maybe you’re just not checking the right app. There was a fabulously free one launched earlier this year from our pals at The Vinyl District. There’s nothing worse for a music fiend than landing in a strange town (or country) and just not knowing where to go to find some precious vinyl–or CDs, or used DVDs, or bongs, or whatever we vaguely remember record stores selling. This amazing app lets you find whatever record stores are nearby. Maybe more importantly, the app also lets you know which record stores have closed since you were late in town, or maybe got a hot tip at a record fair. Music lovers have jumped in to help make this app valuable, too. The music geek community has chimed in from over 25 countries. That’s one impressive network of guys (and maybe a few gals) searching out a mint-condition LP of the debut album by the Peanut Butter Conspiracy. No, you can’t have mine.

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