Farrah Aviva goes psycho on Supernatural

9 pm EST, The CW

Never mind that tonight’s Supernatural is a throwback to the show’s early days as spooky fun. The episode also takes us back to the fabulous Farrah Aviva. We got fixated on Farrah after her big debut as Nicole Richie in the 2008 TV-movie Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story. (Trust us, it was a big deal to play Nicole Richie in 2008.) We were ready to start up some serious stalking, but Farrah followed that mainstream role with plenty of quiet indie fare. Then she returned to her roots as a Canadian cutie and concentrated on making an acclaimed documentary. That was really kind of selfish of her. Fortunately, Supernatural has crossed the border to do some filming, and brings Farrah back tonight as a psycho ghost–but we bet her character is really just misunderstood. We could live with Farrah as a psycho ghost.

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