Build The Dopest And Most Expensive Frankenbong

You know those conversations you have with your friends about what you would do with, like, 200 million dollars? If you’re a smoker like some of us in the office *cough cough* you’ve probably talked about buying a pillow of weed to sleep on or even hiring someone to roll your blunts for you a la ‘Lil Wayne. I happen to be a big fan of papers myself, but I’ve always wondered how much the most expensive bong on the market is. After doing a little shopping around, I think that I’ve found it. All it took was a little effort and a visit to Grasscity. I wanted this bong to be available to everyone, so I chose parts and pieces that were mass production only. Check out the mad scientist’s creation below.

This doesn’t exist IRL yet, but feel free to try and one-up our ridiculously luxurious glass by tweeting your photos to @COEDMagazine.

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