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YouTube Avant-Garde Cinema: Goofing up a Michael Jackson dance


We at COED would like to salute the new wave of cinema by highlighting film directors that are so far ahead of their time –  we can”t even comprehend their genius.  That”s why their YouTube videos have gotten under 50 views. These are the true cinematic, underground auteurs who refuse to sell out to the mainstream Hollywood system. This is filmmaking at its raw best!

THIS WEEK”S INSTALLMENT: Goofing up a Michael Jackson dance

DIRECTOR: Kyeriaforever



COMMENTS: 1 (from the actual filmmaker – kind of a director’s commentary: “I don’t know it would appear that it did not load with the movie.”)

This cinematic gem is a classic slice of ordinary life. In the same vein as filmmaker Mike Leigh, Goofing up a Michael Jackson dancecaptures the essence of ordinary existence. The so-called “goofing up” of the Michael Jackson dance is redeemed by a tender moment towards the end – shared by two sister. Goofing up future Michael Jackson dances? Yes please; especially if it’s directed by filmmaker Kyerlaforever!

Be sure to check Kyerlaforever’s other cinematic work, such as the psychological drama: Momma makes the rules (2 views). Highly influenced by Any Warhol, Momma makes the rules is best described as Sleep – except with kittens.

COED Writer