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Pulp: Best Fonts In Rock History


Jarvis Cocker is one of my favorite human beings on earth. Not to mention, his band, Pulp, has some of the best fonts in rock history. Talk about one of the great front men of all time; the quirky, U.K. crown price reminds me of a bookish friend who lets loose on Friday nights by going totally mental at the karaoke bar. Last night, I got all ’90’s Britpop retro, and scammed my away into their sold out show at the Warfield in San Francisco. (If you walk in with certainty and purpose, security guards sometimes don’t stop you – it’s like a Jedi mind trick.) But it had to be done.

Fans plastered Market Street, working their way through the sea of scalpers. This was Pulp’s first appearance in the U.S. since 1998. The San Francisco stop was part of 4 show tour that also includes New York and Coachella.

Pulp delivered the goods: From Do You Remember the First Time? to their breakout song, Common People.

In case you weren’t at the show, don’t worry; that’s what video phones are for.

At the after party, held at Showdown, I enjoyed a fun Britpop cover band and a nice hearty place of Pabst toast. Mmmmm, Pabst toast!

COED Writer