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Laura Benanti on LAW & ORDER SVU [See Her Tonight]


Laura Benanti on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

10 pm EST, NBC

The Law & Order franchise is in decline, but NBC still cares enough to pump up the ratings–and our inseams–by bringing in Laura Benanti as a recurring character on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The NYC setting makes an easy commute for this Broadway babe who’s overdue to bust out big. Laura first took off in the musical adaptation of the Adam Sandler comedy The Wedding Singer, and quickly caught Hollywood’s attention. Sadly, her much-hyped series The Playboy Club was then quickly cancelled. (The show still landed her on the cover of Playboy, and you can leer at Laura’s amazing outfits in this old promotional clip.) This leggy lady has us regularly working the Great White Way, and we’re happy to share her with the world–as long as Laura doesn’t give up the stage. We need to keep seeing that beauty live and in person. And to keep checking her Twitter feed. Don’t call us stalkers.

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