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Alicia Silverstone: Did She Scam Us Tonight?


We were pleasantly surprised to see Alicia Silverstone showing up on tonight’s episode of Suburgatory. We even considered featuring her as our “See Her Tonight” gal. Then we checked out the official plot synopsis: “George finds himself attracted not only to a woman he meets at the local farmer’s market, but her eating habits as well.” George is played by Jeremy Sisto, and the woman he meets in tonight’s episode is played by Alicia. You know what’s an interesting coincidence? Alicia Silverstone was just all over the news for her own eating habits–specifically, her habit of chewing food in her own mouth before dropping it little-birdie-stylee into her infant son’s mouth.

Did you know a video of that just happened to go viral? And that the video (as seen at the link) was heavily promoted by ABC News, which just happens to be the same television network that airs Suburgatory? We smell internet marketing conspiracy! Good thing that smell isn’t bad enough to keep us from putting together an Alicia gallery. Besides, we hear tonight’s Suburgatory has a pretty hot sex scene. Alicia’s character is named Eden, and the episode is titled “Entering Eden.” Real subtle.

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