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Here Comes The Military–For More Colombian Hookers!


This Colombian hooker story keeps getting better and better. That’s probably true for most stories involving Colombian hookers, but it’s less fun when we’re dealing with an international sex scandal. The latest weird development–besides learning that President Obama recently gave a speech at a place called Hooker’s Point–is that military personnel might have  joined Secret Service members in their (alleged) drunken adventures with Colombian prostitutes. The Washington Post reports that videotapes (yay, videotapes) show that nine military men were also indulging in very bad judgment during the Summit of the Americas in Colombia. Well, at least it turned out to be bad judgment after somebody saw those videotapes. As the Post reports, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says, “We are embarrassed. We let the boss down, because nobody is talking about what went down in Colombia other than this incident.” Meanwhile, we are not embarrassed as our shorts salute the American ingenuity of dressing up beautiful babes in camouflage:

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