This Shot of Kate Upton Isn’t In THE THREE STOOGES

Remember that scene with Kate Upton coming out of a pool in the nun bikini (a nunkini?) in the trailer for The Three Stooges? We do. Our eyes strained so much that it felt like Moe had just jabbed them up to his third knucklehead. Now can you guess which scene isn’t in The Three Stooges? That’s right–Kate Upton coming out of a pool in a nun bikini. Instead, we get a shot of her being a lifeguard in her nun bikini. Which is nice, but when a major studio promises us a dripping wet Kate Upton emerging from the water with the liquid glistening off her jiggling curves on the big screen, then we’d like to actually see what separated us fools from our money.

This isn’t the first time that Hollywood has taken advantage of gullible guys, either. Remember that scene in the trailer for The Transporter where Jason Statham deflected a missile with a pizza pan? It wasn’t in the movie. How about Predators with Adrien Brody having about twenty Predator laser sights aimed at his body? There was just one laser sight in the film. Sometimes the studios lie to us about action scenes and hot gals, like when we were expecting a lot more of Rachel McAdams in a corset than we actually got in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes. Rest assured that we’ll be complaining to our Congressmen right after we take some comfort in a Kate Upton gallery. Don’t worry–this won’t take long:

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