Noelle Bellinghausen [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Noelle Bellinghausen works it on House M.D.

9 pm EST, FOX

This is the last season of House M.D., so we’re not missing the chance to see Noelle Bellinghausen in her recurring role as the cranky doc’s favorite prostitute. Tonight’s episode is a particularly tragic tale of Noelle’s character deciding to retire. That’s a shame, since the happy hooker is a dream gal in many ways–just like Noelle herself. This awesome Amazon stands six feet tall and was a college basketball star before moving to Las Vegas to start her music career. Hollywood had to have her, and Noelle was soon working in Los Angeles with artists like Dr. Dre and Ye-No. (You can sample her sounds here.) It was no big surprise when she moved on to modeling and acting. It’s a bigger surprise that Noelle isn’t already a big star. The problem might be that Noelle’s a big gal, and she towers over plenty of potential leading men. At least that worked to her advantage with a guest turn on CBS’ Rules of Engagement. Check out this scene that had lift-and-carry fetishists fainting in front of their televisions:


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