10 NBA Dance Squads We Will Miss In The 2012 Post Season

Depending on where you live and who you root for, there’s a chance that your team might already be eliminated from NBA contention. As a New York Knick fan, I know all too well how these people feel. Sometimes you just need to look very very carefully into your disaster of a franchise to see the silver lining. Take the Bobcats, for example. This is a team that has (so far) won only 7 games this season but is talked about on COED more than the Bulls or Spurs. Why? Because of their dance team. Their really, really hot dance team. Since we already know that these ladies (as well as the dance squads from the Warriors and eight other franchises) won’t be around come May, we figured that we’d show you their photos one last time before we pick up our balls and leave.

Charlotte Lady Cats

Cleveland Cavalier Girls

Detroit Automotion

Golden State Girls

Timberwolves Dancers

New Jersey Nets Dancers

New Orleans Honeybees

Sacramento Kings Dancers

Raptors Dance Pak

Wizards Dancers

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RIP Miami Marlins’ Mermaids 2012 [88 PHOTOS]
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