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Are These the Colombian Prostitutes at the Center of the Secret Service Scandal? [48 PHOTOS]


We all know that members of the Secret Service screwed up President Obama’s trip to a diplomatic summit in Colombia by getting (allegedly) caught up in a sex scandal involving hookers–starting with one hooker who made the newspapers after getting in an argument with a Secret Service agent over a $47 service fee. We’re also all agreed that the Secret Service agents were very unprofessional to be carousing with local prostitutes. In their defense, though, look at these Colombian prostitutes. It’s not even illegal to have sex with hookers in Colombia as long as it’s done in a “tolerance zone,” and we’re tolerant of hard-working government types performing a little local outreach. We don’t want the agents exploiting Colombian women, but these lovely Latinas look like healthy gals who are having a good time. Now let’s concentrate on how the United States has chosen to remain neutral on the British-Argentinian dispute over the Falkland Islands.

  • COED Writer