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A Look Back At The First Week of Coachella Sets [MP3s]


If you had asked me before the Coachella started who I was most excited to see, two answers you wouldn’t have heard would have been Azealia Banks and The Weeknd. No, I didn’t catch a flight to Indigo, California but I was able to download a few of the festival’s sets to my computer and these two in particular were redonkulous. In addition to Azaelia and The Weeknd, we’ve also got the Swedish House Mafia and Frank Ocean for you to listen to. That’s about three hours of festival jams for you to rock out to, all without leaving the comfort of your seat / home in the school library! Keep checking back for more songs as more and more MP3s are released. Just a note, these songs are for promotional purposes only. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite performers live, so do them a favor and get out there to see them! [lead image via Karl Walter / GettyImages]

Image credit: Karl Walter / GettyImages

Azealia Banks [Day 2 | April 14th, 2012] (MP3Searchy)

This was apparently Azealia Banks’ first US appearance, which perhaps explain why this sounds especially gangster. If you haven’t heard her breakout song “212,” you might want to check that one out. Bonus points for rocking the Sticky K Remix.

Image Credit: LA Times Blog

The Weeknd [Day 3 | April 15th, 2012] (Hulkshare)

The Weeknd caught a shoutout at the end of Florence + The Machine’s set, which was not a plug that I was expecting. The British crooner Florence clearly knows what good singing is as The Weeknd absolutely crushed his Coachella debut.

Image Credit: Karl WalkerGetty Images

Frank Ocean [Day 1 | April 13th, 2012] (4share)

Friday the 13th didn’t start out too well for Frank Ocean as he was dealing with some sound system problems. Eventually the OFWGKTA voice pulled it together and actually even brought out Tyler the Creator.

Image credit: Film Magic

Swedish House Mafia [Day 1 | April 13th, 2012] (Hulkshare)

This has been a big year for the EDM trio. Not only did they sell out MSG, compete with Ultra Music Festival, and sell-out the Milton Keynes Bowl, they were asked to close out the first night of Coachella. Get ready to listen to 70+ minutes of fist-pumping goodness.

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