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Axl Rose Snubs Rock Hall of Fame: Rumors Fly!


Last week, Axl Rose, frontman for Guns N’ Roses, refused to be honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after years of bitter feuding with his former  bandmates. Rose issued an open letter to the public saying he would “respectfully decline my induction as a member of Guns N’ Roses to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” at Saturday’s 27th Annual ceremony in Cleveland. Back in 2006, The Sex Pistols were the only other musicians to publicly snub the induction ceremony.

Rumors are flying over the InterWeb regarding the Rose-less Hall of Fame induction. Besides his stint with Guns N’ Roses, very little is known about Axl Rose: The Early Years.

Where did he grow up? What did he do before he joined Slash and those other guys to make rock and heavy metal history? Most importantly, where is Axl Rose today?

That’s why on the cusp of this Hall of Fame snafu, it’s my duty to fill you in on Axl Rose; The man, the myth, the music. Time, once and for all, to answer all those well-known rumors about the driving force behind Guns and Roses. Let’s separate truth….from fiction!

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

RUMOR #1: Axl Rose once ordered chicken at KFC and it actually turned out to be a fried rat that got trapped in the fryer.

Absolutely true. Axl didn’t realize it was a rat until it was almost too late. “That’s bogus!’ screamed the frontman of Guns and Roses. He was so disgusted that he vowed only to eat fast-food at Taco Bell. Imagine his horror when a few years later KFC merged with Taco Bell

RUMOR #2: Axl Rose was America’s fist living test-tube baby.

Yes, this is very true. In 1937–when Axl Rose was born–he actually emerged from a test-tube in a lab and become the world’s first test-tube baby.  Because of this feat, Axl’s picture graced the cover of several major magazines.

RUMOR #3: Axl Rose is actually Bo-Bo The Gorilla who has an uncanny ability to speak and sing–which was the influence for the song Welcome To the Jungle.

Sadly, despite popular belief, this rumor holds no truth.

RUMOR #4: Axl Rose was a child-actor who appeared as a series regular on the show Facts of Life.

Yes, this is highly correct. Young Axl appeared for eleven season on Facts of Life, from 1967 to the series finale in 1998. Axl played Trudy’s love interest who ends up in an iron-lung and is later swooned by Blair.

RUMOR #5: Axl Rose met G&Rs guitarist Slash when the two were both taking a calligraphy class at a local fashion design school. All the original lyrics were written in calligraphy.

No! No! No! This never happened. The two met when they were the only two male members of a local female synchronized swimming team called The Waterettes.

RUMOR #6: Axl Rose once tried to dry off a wet kitten by placing to in a microwave oven. The kitten exploded.

False! False! And further, false! To set the record straight, it wasn’t a kitten but a French miniature poodle.

Do you have a favorite Axl Rose rumor? COED wants to know!

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