Cherilyn Wilson [See Her Tonight]

Cherilyn Wilson shows up on Mad Men

10 pm EST, AMC

Hey, it really is Cherilyn Wilson on Mad Men tonight. Don Draper is probably going to turn into a vampire. It’s a logical conclusion when the producers bring in the sexy star who’s graced shows like I <3 Vampires and The Vampire Diaries. That’s in addition to Cherilyn’s guest turns on Supernatural and the Showtime Channel’s Dexter. She only had a bit part in the slasher film The Roommate, but horror fans got sleepless over Cherilyn as the lead in 2008’s Parasomnia. Cherilyn will even get back to vamping in some upcoming episodes of True Blood. The truly horrible thing is that she isn’t already a star. Smart viewers still know that Cherilyn is a sure thing for a mix of subtle acting and otherworldly beauty.

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