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We Don’t Know What to Get Nikki Delano For Her Birthday


We’re getting worried about tonight’s birthday party for Nikki Delano at NYC’s Phuket Lounge. It was a busy week, and we haven’t bought her anything yet. Fortunately, we have her Amazon Wish List handy. Nikki has even been thoughtful enough to add some new items this week, including a Black Lace Peek-A-Boo Bra & Crotchless Thong set priced at a reasonable $10.13. That’s okay for a casual fan, of course, but we and Nikki have something special. It’s just that things have been a little tight around here, and we’re not sure if we can afford the Hello Kitty Compact Refrigerator. We’re leaning more towards the Hello Kitty Black Embossed Rolling Suitcase. That’s on sale right now for a mere $120. But what if she knows it’s on sale? We’d hate to get into some kind of petty squabble with Nikki on her birthday just because she doesn’t think that we love her enough. Or just because we’re maybe violating a restraining order. Oh, well. Here are some pics to remind us why we keep caring so much…

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