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The Girls of GIRLS [Debuts on HBO Sunday, April 15]


The critics rave that HBO’s Girls is a painfully realistic updating of the cable channel’s old Sex in the City series. The titular ladies are certainly as quirky and cute as any regular babe stalking Brooklyn nowadays. We’re also impressed how the main cast of Girls all have rich and famous parents. Plenty of real-life Brooklynites are living in condos that their wealthy Moms & Dads bought as an investment. Meet the gals who might be giving guys yet another reason to rush home to the TiVo on a Sunday night–and for a show with less squealing over shoes, too.

This showbiz scion made her debut on the 2004 show American Dreams–which aired on NBC, which is also the network that hires her dad Brian Williams as their nightly news anchor. Allison Williams has kept some good company on her own, though. She claimed a writing credit while starring in the Funny or Die series Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After, and showed up last year in a particularly fine episode of The League. Allison is also the most traditionally gorgeous of the Girls gang, with a lot of casting directors already eying her as a future star.

Her dad’s a famous playwright, her mother’s a popular actress, and her grandfather made a few bucks from co-writing The Sound of Music. Zosia Mamet has still built herself a fine reputation on her own. That was after establishing herself in 2006 with a regular role on The Unit–which was a show created by famous playwright David Mamet. She worked steadily from there, with Zosia becoming Officially Hot with her turn as a lovely lesbian on Mad Men. Her smitten character hasn’t ended up in bed with copywriter Peggy Olson yet, but we can still dream. Of course, those dreams look to be on hold while Zosia gets going with Girls–but we know that HBO can never resist a lesbian storyline.

Maybe it’s not really cool when your dad is the drummer of Bad Company, but a lot of those old rockers ended up being New York society. That’s how Jemima Kirke –as the daughter of Simon Kirke–met Girls creator Lena Dunham. They were privileged 11-year-old rich kids doing a Vogue photo shoot, and Jemima would later sta with her childhood pal in the modest indie sensation Tiny Furniture. The real-life MILF wasn’t planning on an acting career, but Lena lured her pal into making the Girls pilot. The rest is weird history. Jemima plays the token glamorous character, so it’ll be fun to see how she handles fame if the heavily-hyped show becomes a big hit.

She’s the least traditionally pretty of the Girls, but writer/director/producer/star Lena Dunham is still running the show. She’s parlayed some modest indie film success into a chance to be the voice of her generation. Or at least the gals of her generation whose parents are wealthy artists in New York society. Now she’s all set to replace Diablo Cody as the artsy gal that everyone has to love or loathe. We’re okay with loving Lena–but that’s because she knows how to light herself to look her best.

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