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COED Interview: Science Comedian Brian Malow


The good folks at COED love comedy. I’m serious. We also love science. Yes. So what better way to kick off a new regular COED comedy interview feature than by doing a Spreecast interview with Science Comedian Brian Malow? (Insert sound of large applause here.) Brian has appeared at clubs around the country. He’s also performed at NASA. Have you performed at NASA? (Pause.) Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not only that, but Mr. Malow produces science videos for the TIME website and was featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

In a world full of Carlos Mencia and other hacky comedians, what does it take to work the circuit as a brainy science comedian?

I sat down to chat (via webcam) with Brian. Despite a few tech glitches, he gave me the skinny on the world of science comedy, NASA, and monkeys in space:

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