10 Little Known Facts About Jason Voorhees & Friday The 13th





As I’m sure many of you have realized, today is Friday the 13th, a day which has been immortalized through pop culture over the years. Countless movies and TV shows have used this day to feature something wacky, paranormal or downright terrifying in their stories.

None of these characters have become more revered and feared than Jason Voorhees, the machete-wielding monster from Camp Crystal Lake. While there have been 12 movies featuring Jason since 1980, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the character. We have sought out to find 10 little-known facts about Jason to help you better understand him, so read on–at your own risk.

The Inspiration For It Came From Another Horror Franchise.

If you want to know where the inspiration for masked killer Jason came from, look no further than another masked killer: Michael Myers. The Halloween franchise had kicked off just a year before Friday the 13th came out and director Sean Cunningham was looking for a model for his killer. He loved Michael Myers and decided to add his own twist to it and voila, Jason was born.

‘Friday The 13th’ Wasn’t The Original Title

Screenwriter Victor Miller originally wasn’t sold on Friday the 13th as a title and wanted to call the movie Long Night at Camp Blood. Let’s be happy that he decided against using that as a title.

It Was Being Advertised Before It Was Even Financed


Looking back on it, yes that was an interesting strategy. However, it was a fledgling project and the moviemakers wanted to create a buzz, so the advertising began and the rest is history.


The Camp They Used To Film Is Still In Operation Today


Actually named No-Be-Bos-Co, Camp Crystal Lake has entered the modern lexicon as a place of unimaginable terror. However, the real camp is actually quite beautiful. No seriously, check it out.

Jason Was Just A Regular Kid In The Original Script


All fans of the Friday the 13th franchise know that Jason was actually a deformed child who drowned in Crystal Lake many years before the massacre that takes place in the first film. However, in the original script, it was written up that Jason was just a normal boy that suffered a tragic fate.


The Screenwriter Isn’t A Fan Of The Sequels


In what is probably a surprise to no one, the screenwriter of the original film, Victor Miller, hates the sequels. The sequels are not regarded very highly within the movie community, so this isn’t exactly shocking.

The Iconic Theme Came From A Line Of Dialogue


“ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah” Everyone knows that sound, and everyone knows that when you hear it, well, somebody is about to die. This actually came from a bit from the script. The composer saw a line where Mrs. Voorhees imitated Jason, saying “Kill her, Mommy!” which plays heavily into the rest of the movie. He decided to take the first syllables of that phrase, and the now iconic sound was born.


The Special Effects Artist Used The Camp’s Ovens To Create Some Of The Makeup


Tom Savini is now very well known amongst the movie industry for his talent for special effects. One of his first jobs was Friday the 13th and he made use of everything at the camp. The camp’s pizza ovens were used to help make the latex special effects for the film.

The Crew Was Entertained By The Legendary Lou Reed During Filming


Rockstar Lou Reed owned a farm in close proximity to the camp where filming took place. Soundman Richard Murphy was quoted as saying “We got to watch Lou Reed play for free, right in front of us, while we were making the film…He came by the set and we hung around with each other and he was just a really great guy.” Not a bad entertainer for your lunch break.

Jason’s Original Name Wasn’t Jason.


It was Josh! Just doesn’t have the same sense of fear, does it?

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