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Skinemax Star Makes Good!


We’re always thrilled when a sexy star breaks out of something besides her bra–like when the star of Hollywood Hot Tubs showed up in The Artist last year. We were also happy for sexploitation star Leslie Harter when she married Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis in 2001. She instantly went from films like Damien’s Seed (pictured here), Confessions of a Call Girl, and The Sexperiment to voicing characters in her husband’s big-budget animated films. Leslie was always one of the smarter starlets of late-night cable, and now she’s directing a documentary about two other fetching gals. We’re expecting great things from Leslie’s upcoming film about conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton. The original Hilton Sisters were attached at the waist, and managed a dignified career as professional freaks before they passed away in 1969. Leslie has a great story to tell, and it’ll probably include the making of the Hilton Twins’ classic film Chained For Life–which you can watch in its entirety below:

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