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Love My Pet Or Else: Avant-Garde Post Modernism on YouTube [VIDEO]


We at COED would like to salute the new wave of cinema by highlighting film directors that are so far ahead of their time – we can”t even comprehend their genius.  That’s why their YouTube videos have only gotten under 50 views.
THIS WEEK”S INSTALLMENT: LOVE MY PETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …or else… (See if you can watch this entire thing without wanting to tear your eyes out.)



CRITIC: America has found its next great music video director–and that director simply goes by the name otaku72ypestis . Like a true auteur, this cinematic master weaves a perfect blend of visuals and sound to create an assault on the senses like no other. otaku72ypestis has literally reinvented the adorable kitty video genre.

In the order of seniority, the music video starts off with introducing the viewer to Monti. We then see the many different shades of Monti. Monti is a dog, but the imagery of the montage makes him almost more human than canine.

Then a cinematic switcheroo. We-the-viewer–and our expectations–are displaced. We expect pictures of Muffin to follow. After all, Muffin is next in line in terms of seniority. Like a rollercoaster of emotions, no imagery of Muffin appears. Instead, we’re treated to  Bitsy, the short-haired tabby–who is followed by Sel, Mitsy, and Tibby. Then, another twist. Raccoons. Dozens of raccoons. Raccoony Baloonies to be precise. Very symbolic of our post-9/11 society.

A  perfect palate cleanser is  the revelation that Sel’s real name is actually Selimchemetracuna. (Got it!)

We at COED look forward to all future cinematic projects by otaku72ypestis.

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