Noa Dori [See Her Tonight]

Noa Dori on Touch

9 pm EST, FOX

Tonight on Touch, the character played by Keifer Sutherland gets his laptop stolen and ends up involved in a Salvadoran death plot. We didn’t know Touch was so much like 24. We do know that we could end up touching ourselves for 24 hours with Noa Dori guesting on the show. It doesn’t even matter that she might be playing a pregnant gal. We can’t passover this hot Israeli who acts, sings, loves motorcycles, has a military background, and speaks seven languages. The exotic beauty has a five-octave vocal range, but Noa has also spent her childhood training as a dancer. That paid off for us when she made her film debut showing off her moves in Rush Hour 3. (Noa might also be one of the anonymous dancers in Zombie Strippers.) She soon moved up to speaking parts while staying in demand as a model, but that hasn’t stopped Noa from working with a dance company in Los Angeles. We’re not sure which of her talents will first make her famous, but get to know Noa now–starting with her Twitter feed.

Skinemax Star Makes Good!
Skinemax Star Makes Good!
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