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Did This Woman Have Sex With Courtney Love’s Daughter? (Probably Not)


You know what never gets dull or dated? Grunge gossip–especially when you have a one-woman industry like Courtney Love giving us so much to talk about. Her latest tirade involves a Twitter tantrum accusing Foo Fighter frontman (and former Nirvana drummer) Dave Grohl of trying to seduce Love’s 19-year-old daughter. Never mind that the married Grohl is one of the few rock stars with a solid reputation as a good guy. Grohl still felt compelled to deny that he had ever attempted to have sex with Frances Bean Cobain. At this point, that’s probably just another day at work for Grohl.

Gawker has all the concerned postings from Courtney’s (wisely) private Twitter account, but here’s the one that really caught our eye:

Who the hell is @xMAdMx? Well, that turns out to be former Hole guitarist Melissa Auf der Maur–and our first thought (naturally enough) was, hey, Melissa Auf der Maur slept with Courtney Love’s daughter. We held onto that first thought for a while. Then we eventually considered that maybe everyone wasn’t missing the big story, and Courtney just meant that Melissa Auf der Maur had slept with Dave Grohl. That’s good gossip, too, but we’re not going to give it as much thought as the first idea that we had. You’d still think Courtney would be more careful about crafting her sentences. It would be just terrible if she ever embarrassed Frances, who seems like such a nice girl:

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