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Why You Want “The Complete Dark Shadows”


It looks like director Tim Burton has another hit with the upcoming big-screen version of Dark Shadows. It helps that the recently-released trailer shows off plenty of Eva Green as stunning witch Angelique Bouchard. Fans of sexy sorceresses should also rush out to buy  the new 131-disc (!) collection of the original TV series. We’re talking 470 hours of Gothic storytelling–and, more importantly, several valuable scenes of Lara Parker as the original Angelique. The sexy Southern gal joined the failing show in 1967, and spent four years turning Dark Shadows into a soap opera that men couldn’t resist.

Lara would play Angelique on the big screen in 1971’s Night of Dark Shadows before bewitching young boys on TV shows like Kung Fu, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Incredible Hulk. She has a cameo in the 2012 Dark Shadows, but Lara had pretty much retired from acting at the start of the ’90s. Fans of the original Dark Shadows still follow Lara and the books that she’s written based on her character–and she remains supernaturally hot  as a magnificent MILF, as you can see for yourself at

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