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Rebecca Grant [See Her Tonight]


Rebecca Grant spins by¬†Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

9:30 pm EST, ABC

It’s a censored title for Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, but the ABC sitcom is packed with hot live girls. Krystyn Ritter is devilishly dark as the titular slut taking in sweet blonde Dreama Walker as her suffering roommate. B— also packs tonight’s pilot episode with gorgeous guest star Rebecca Grant. Expect high ratings and higher inseams as Rebecca steals the show as a pole-dancing fitness freak. It’s another sporty turn for the broadcaster who’s gone from The Man Show‘s Juggy Squad to covering basketball, football and more for ESPN and Fox Sports. (She spent three years hosting Under The Helmet for the NFL, and keeps commenting on sports through her Twitter feed.) Rebecca also had us dribbling through March Madness when she signed with pancake empire IHOP for a college basketball promotion. She’s a favorite of the Maxim crowd, but Rebecca still can’t break into the Maxim Top 100–although that might change once she follows up B—- with this year’s Sorority Party Massacre. Rebecca’s certainly competitive enough to fight her way into Maxim‘s top rankings. Just check out this infamous TMZ clip where she gets catty over her fellow femme sportcasters:

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