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Sony RDP-X200IP Speakers: Dock and Load!


Riddle me this: What would Apple products be without an awesome place to dock? Answer: They would be dock-less.

Welcome to 2012 – where your smartphone is now your central entertainment device. Let’s talk Apple: Pretty much everything you need –to get the party started (did I really say that!?) – can be found on your iPhone. Everything that is, except for good speakers. That’s where Sony comes in with their RDP-X200IP Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

This wall of sound is like the smartphone generation’s equivalent to a boombox. The RDP-X200IP will allow you take a page from LL Cool J – and strike this pose with your unit:

What you get with this portable unit is a sleek design audio apparatus  that offers impressive sound, with increased music clarity delivered by the built-in woofers and separate tweeters. Better yet, the system also supports Bluetooth streaming, works off a remote when docked, and runs off a fully chargeable battery. No muss! No fuss! No unsightly pantylines! (What!?)

Was the Sony RDP-X200IP able to disturb my neighbors?: Yes. I cranked this puppy up after 11pm – and immediately got pounding on the ceiling from my irritated neighbors – so it delivered in the loud-sound-for-a-compact unit department. The neighbors were particularly annoyed with bass boost circuitry – which enhances low-frequency bass performance at the touch of a button for deeper bass. With my iPad, I found it a great audio-compliment unit for watching movies – especially the ones where they blow things up!

What will the Sony RDP-X200IP set you back?

Price: A very reasonable $199. Though this unit would be perfect if it also operated – via Bluetooth – as wireless speakers. Still, these Sony speakers gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

  • COED Writer