Brea Grant [See Her Tonight]

Brea Grant guests on NCIS: Los Angeles

9 pm EST, CBS

Texas beauty Brea Grant seems almost too cultish for  network television. Like a lot of Lone Star actresses, she got her first break with a recurring role on the Texas football drama Friday Night Lights. Brea began to make the rounds of TV series, along with the occasional big-screen appearance. Then she cultivated a real following as a super-speedy sweetie on NBC’s superhero drama Heroes. That had Brea’s career soaring just as Heroes was declining in the ratings. Brea won over more fans with a great role in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II before stealing hearts (and another body part) as a forensics examiner on Showtime’s serial-killer saga Dexter. Brea is old-fashioned enough to prefer her blog to posting on Facebook, but her Twitter account proves how friendly she is with her growing following. In fact, Brea recently made lots of guys happy by posting a Youtube video after meeting a milestone on a Kickstarter project. See her tonight, but you can enjoy Brea eating pie (in slow motion) right now:


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