Why College Hazing Isn’t As Bad As It’s Cracked Up To Be

Whether or not you’ve been in college recently, or even been a part of the Greek system, you’ve more than likely been beaten over the head with the dreaded “hazing” word. The most recent instance of alleged hazing happened this past Monday morning, when Boston Police responded to a phone call at 24 Ashford Streeet in Allston. What the cops found were five kids tied up with duct tape, wearing only underwear, with condiments poured all over them. Further investigation found that the five were actually students at BU and were pledging the Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) fraternity. AEPi is the same fraternity that got in trouble earlier this month for being involved in an underage drinking incident.

While this happened in the United States and we should assume “innocence until proven guilty,” there should be no question that these kids were getting hazed. Having been through a pledging process of my own, I can tell you with near certainty that these kids knew this (or something like this) was going to happen to them eventually. I can hear some of you now, “No, no our pledge process is a secret.” F*ck that, dude. Someone, somewhere, has spilled the beans. The best part is that, whether you want to admit it or not, oftentimes it’s from a senior brother who wants to make sure that they secure a rush who’s on the fence.

To the student who says that they didn’t know the fraternity pledging process was going to be so difficult, you’re an idiot for not doing due diligence. Don’t join a fraternity if you don’t want to be in one! One of the first things you should learn about your school is the social life there. Does the school’s social circles force you to join a fraternity if you’re not on a team? Are fraternities throwing a majority of the parties? If these two things ring true, and you want to go that particular school, than most likely you’re going to have to be a brother.

Students in college are supposed to learn. Everyone loves to talk about how much learning goes on outside of the classroom, so why can’t learning be done in an off-campus house with hot sauce, duct tape, and underwear?

The one thing that I have to say is that the AEPi brothers might have caught the short end of the stick on this one. I’m not a brother there, so I can’t tell you why they were conducting the hazing at an off-campus house, but I bet it has something to do with the fact that they got in trouble earlier on in the month. Having said that, they should have been extra diligent. Unfortunately, they screwed up and have their sh*t spread farther than a slampig’s legs on Bid Day.

How do you feel about this Boston University situation? Is this just the story of the month or do you feel that what they did was actually wrong? Let us know in the comment section below!

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