Bassnectar Releases His Album “Vava Voom” [VIDEO + REVIEW]


Bassnectar, one of the staples of today’s electronic music scene, highlighted the release of his new album Vava Voom today with the music video from the eponymously titled single with Lupe Fiasco. Incredibly, Vava Voom is the long-haired musician’s 9th album – a serious feat in a genre of music that sees too many “here today gone tomorrow” talents.

Perhaps one of the reasons he’s remained a mainstay is due to his abilities to mix all kinds of music while still keeping the heavy, head-banging womp we’ve come to associate him with. This unique sound is no more apparent on Vava Voom than on “Pennywise Tribute,” possibly my favorite song on the album. Bassnectar’s added a serious Drum and Bass kick to a thrashing punk-metal song that refuses to stop your feet from moving. Before those of you who prefer dubstep get too nervous about being left out, I would point you in the direction of “Empathy” and “What.” I think you’ll agree the ‘womp’ factor is off the charts.

Overall, this is a great value at $9.99. After having given the whole album a listen, I wouldn’t say that his single with Lupe Fiasco is the finest track – but that’s a compliment. There’s a great mixture to had by all forms of Bassheads here. Those of you who haven’t seen him in concert, do yourself a favor and listen to the way his music was meant to be played.

Buy the album: Official Site | iTunes

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