More Reasons to Hate AOL

AOL has many reasons to be hated. In cyberspace, there isn’t a name that conjures up more negative baggage. AOL’s merger with Huffington Post simply meant we were bound to see more photos of celebrities without their makeup on Arianna’s news site. (See Cameron Diaz without makeup below.)

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

On top of my list of reasons to hate AOL is the way the AOL home page has taken upon themselves to publicly humiliate people who have been accused of crimes. The AOL site plays judge and jury – as it grabs mug shots of people arrested and pastes their faces in the AOL daily photo slideshow; a modern day equivalent of being branded with a Scarlett A and placed in the town square – except with a badge of cyber-shame.

In medieval times, public humiliation involved sticking an accused criminal in stocks and having the local populace pelt them with rotten tomatoes and verbal abuse. No need for stocks in 2012 –  just place their unfortunate mug shot on AOL and let the readers tear them a new one on the comment page.

Look at this stupid woman: she was arrested 3 times in hour:

But if you read the actual news story, you’ll learn that she was driving over the speed limit because she was rushing to help her injured 79-year-old mother. Stupid lady – let’s laugh at her folly.

Why do you hate AOL? We at COED want to know – tell us in the Comment Section.

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