IV Hangover Cure That Should Have Existed Years Ago

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Ever since I first overindulged in booze and felt my first hangover, I’ve joined the masses in a search for the best hangover remedies. Perhaps the most exciting prospect I ever heard of was through ex-medical students who used to dope their own blood with clean, recently-expired blood donor bags. While the direct addition of alcohol-free blood goes right to the source of the hangover, I never tried this because A) I don’t have blood readily available to me and B) inserting a needle into my arm is not something I’m good at sober (let alone wearing sunglasses and crying in the dark).

Enter Hangover Heaven, the be-all and end-all of hangover cures in Las Vegas. According to their website, the good doctors arrive via a bus, stick an IV into your arm, and have you 100% ready to rock in 45 minutes. They’re not giving you blood, but instead injecting you with a combination of vitamins and saline solution, a combination said to relieve 95% of all hangovers.

If you’re not capable of making it to one of their stops outside of casinos, they even make house calls. The only downside is that the FDA approved procedure costs $150 per treatment. That’s almost more than it would cost me to drink enough to need one of these.

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