Jesse Jane Wants A Ryan Sandwich [INTERVIEW + PHOTOS]

Jesse Jane has been described as “The Face of Modern Porn”, and has withstood the test of time in the adult film industry. We here at COED recognize talent when we see it, and wanted to sit down and chat with Jesse. We got up close and personal with Jesse, so you could get up close and personal with Jesse.

COED: You grew up a military brat. What was that like?

Jesse: My father was in the air force, and he was really hard on me. We lived in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, but we moved every 2-3 years. It really helped me develop great social skills, and I met a lot of new people and experienced a bunch of new places. I loved Oklahoma so much that I decided to live there!

COED: CNBC recently said that you were the “Face of Modern Porn”. How does that feel?

Jesse: It’s an honor and I’m very flattered. I love it. It’s really cool to be acknowledged that way, because some actresses and actors don’t even get to go mainstream. I got into the industry before people got porn for free online, so I think that had a lot to do with me excelling.

COED: You have been on the TV shows Middle Men, Entourage etc. How is different acting with your clothes on?

Jesse: It really is no different for me. Either I’m getting f*cked, or pretending to get f*cked. It keeps thing interesting. When I did Entourage, all the guys were really cool, and super nice. They were just like their characters on the show! I had a super big crush on Kevin Connelly but I couldn’t tell him lol.

COED: You have made a name for yourself in the Rock and Roll world, being a cover model for Drowning Pool. Are you a big fan or did they contact you?

Jesse: They contacted me, but I am also a huge fan of Rock and Roll. It was so much fun! Those guys are awesome. When they asked if would do the cover to the album I was like F*CK YEAH!

COED: You have also done work with Kid Rock and Robbie Williams. How did that come about?

Jesse: Robbie also contacted me. Kid Rock was an ex-boyfriend.

COED: Tell me about Diosa Tequila.

Jesse: Well, I love to drink, and most of the shooters I do have tequila in them. So, I figured why not have a flavored tequila that I know is my favorite. That’s why I started the company. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I love it. Diosa has been around for about a year and a half now and I am really proud of it!

COED: You have your own line of sex toys. How does it feel to know people connect with you on a level where they buy your toys?

Jesse: I think it’s great my fans can have a piece of me. It’s cool to know they like me a little better than just watching me on film.

COED: You have had your mouth, a**, and snatch molded into fleshlights. Describe that process.

Jesse: Well you lie naked and have this gooey stuff poured on you. There is a complete stranger watching, because they have to make the mold. To get it all the way in, I had to push the goo in myself. So, I’m sitting there masturbating in from of this stranger. Then, it dries, and you can’t move while it’s drying. When the mold is done, they just pull it out.

The mouth mold really freaked me out, because you just have to keep all this stuff in your mouth for a long time. I had to breathe through my nose and I just closed my eyes and kept breathing until it was over.

COED: Personally, what is your favorite accomplishment?

Jesse: That’s a super tough question. I would have to say lasting as long as I have. I’m still at the top, and I love that. It’s been about 10 years now, and I just love where I am at.

COED: How has Twitter changed how you reach out to fans, and how they reach out to you?

Jesse: Twitter is great to be more personal with your fans, and friends. Plus, it’s a great marketing tool. I love it.

COED: If you could have sex with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Jesse: Angelina Jolie, because she is my all my all time favorite actress. She’s hot, beautiful, powerful, takes no sh*t, and has a killer body. I would love to get her in bed.

Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are tied. Not only are both Ryan’s, and both hot, but I would prefer to be in the middle of a Ryan Sandwich.

COED: Who are your favorite Co-Stars?

Jesse: I love Manuel Ferra, Erik Everhard. They are excellent guys to work with. As far as girls, I love my Digital Playground girls Kayden Kross and Riley Steele.

COED: Have you worked with the hedgehog, Ron Jeremy?

Jesse: I have not. But I know him and he is a wonderful guy!

COED: Any up & comers you think we should keep an eye on?

Jesse: Lookout for Bibi Jones and Selena Rose. They are the new hotties on the up and up.

COED: You have won countless awards. Is there one that is your favorite?

Jesse: I won best supporting actress for Fighters, and I worked incredibly hard on that movie. I had to take my character home with me. I learned how to box for the role, and I had to train day after day for the movie. Then, when we were filming, they had to get different angles of all the hits, and body shots, so I was taking these hits constantly. I loved it.

COED: Do you have any advice for anyone going into the adult film world?

Jesse: Make sure you love sex and don’t care if anyone finds out!

COED: Where is the coolest place you have had sex in a Digital Playground movie?  In your private life?

Jesse: For movies, it was Bora Bora. We filmed in open waters, and tour boats would come by and just watch. It was really funny. No one really cared though lol.

As for my personal life, I love having sex anywhere. I would have to say the highway is my favorite.

COED: Hopefully you weren’t driving.

Jesse: No, I was riding. Have to keep the roads safe ;p

COED: Any guilty pleasures?

Jesse: Too many hehe

COED: What is your favorite part about your job?

Jesse: My favorite part of my job is traveling, but that is also the part of my job that gets to me sometimes. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, and having sex everywhere, but when you fly around a lot, you get jetlagged. It sucks because one day I will be fully rested, and then we will switch time zones, and I lose 6 hours, and it throws off my whole schedule.

There you have it! Jesse Jane is a woman of many angles. Working the Tequila business, the camera, album covers, and TV shows. You can follow her on Twitter (@jessejane) and you can check her out on the Digital Playground Website! If the questions weren’t hot enough for you, here’s some steamy pics that will get your blood pumping!

Next week, we will be interviewing the fabulous Selena Rose! Tweet me your questions via Twitter! (@AdamBrezak)

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